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The improvements in detail:
•    Agility. Even more agile handling and reduced brake pressure, allowing the wing to now turn with a more constant and balanced turning arc. Centring within the thermal core is now far more efficient, enhancing and improving climbing potential.
•    Efficiency. Improved gliding in moving air. This is noticeable especially in headwind and unsteady air environments. The canopy is more neutral, resulting in better glide, now climbs more effectively with reduced sink rate.
•    Performance. In fully accelerated mode we have been able to obtain an advantage of +0.5 glide-angle.
•    Greater stability. Due to the improved neutral flying characteristics, flying has become less stressful in challenging conditions.
•    Speed. More top speed. The PURE3 is around 2-3kmh faster fully accelerated.
•    Enhanced Safety. A newly designed riser set improves the safety potential. Accelerated collapses are remarkably easier to control.

Our primary goal was to realize a glider with best performance within an aspect ratio of 7. Therefore, the PURE 3 is a complete 2-line conceptual construction. Just the C-lines are collected by an additional main line (incorporating a 2-line construction with 3 line-levels). With this design development, the advantages are increased acceleration ability and reduced collapse behaviour, resulting in more overall balanced flying characteristics.

Outstanding features of the PURE 3 are the exceptional performance, perfect glide in head-wind, increased climb rate in moving air and a flatter polar curve – especially under acceleration. You’ll now find greater stability over the entire speed range.

The handling is what you would find to be synonymous with AirDesign – agile and variable. Whether you choose to turn flat, or tight and steep, the PURE 3 is at home with you every step of the way, and responds exceptionally to even the most gentle of pilot inputs. 

The PURE 3 features a more pronounced shark-nose, double 3D-cut top-sail with flat seams and a single 3D-cut bottom-sail.

A special 2-line aerofoil in combination with a detailed and ingenious inner construction (with v-ribs, straps and cross supports) ensures maximum stability.

VORTEX HOLES® at the tips and outside cell trailing edges work to diffuse vortex drag by releasing redundant pressure, which is further improving performance.

A redeveloped line layout (in some cases spanning over 4 cells without line attachment points) greatly reduces line consumption.

Polyamide rods are strategically positioned at A and B sections, with sufficient spacing to allow you to pack more ergonomically.

Comfortable and precise B-steering handles.

Tips and Tricks

“Big Ears” with B-Line

By pulling down the most outer B-line the tips make a partial B-stall, which gives a very similar result compared to doing it with the A-lines. To release, just put the B-lines up again. The advantage by doing so is that the ears are more stable and have no tendency to shake.

AREA FLAT (m²) 22,57 24,10 26,21
AREA PROJECTED (m²) 19,12 20,42 22,21
SPAN FLAT (m) 12,55 12,97 13,52
SPAN PROJECTED (m) 9,93 10,26 10,70
ASPECT RATIO FLAT 6,98 6,98 6,98
ASPECT RATIO PROJ. 5,16 5,16 5,16
CELLS 70 70 70
TOTAL LINES 222 222 222
LINE DIAMETERS (mm) 0.5/0.7/0.8/1/1.1/1.3/1.5/1.7
WEIGHT (kg) 5,6 5,9 6,3
V-TRIM/V-MAX (km/h) 39/60 39/60 39/60
TAKE OFF WEIGHT (kg) 80-95 90-105 100-120