KORTEL Kanibal Race

Discontinued Model



“Killer Instinct”

This original looking harness has been designed for pilots who spend their time in the air. The holding of the body, which lies above the anchor is obtained by a system that needed 2 years of development. Finally, flying in a supine position is comfortable!
The setting of the back support, coupled with the adjustment of the seatboard angle, allows the pilot to also fly in an upright position, if needed.
The back support is the first to have been designed “in shape”. This feature enhances comfort for long-duration flights.
Setting up the height of the attachment point, means adjusting the stability of the harness to the wing and the type of flying is possible. It also allows compensation in the height anchorage for those who adjust the width of their seatboard.
Setting up the distance between the bars of the speed system allows the pilot to optimize thier position at their favorites flight regimes.
The placement of different straps and webbings has been designed for increasing the responsiveness and accuracy of turns.
Shortly said, the Kanibal Race is a harness that fits all pilots with a demanding practice.

3 sizes are available:

  • S: from 155 to 168cm
  • M: from 167 to 180cm
  • L: from 178 to 195cm

The Kanibal Race is delivered with:
Rescue handle
Rescue risers
Adjustable 3 step bar. Soft.
Mousse bag 10 cm.
Instrument holder, with built in chest strap.


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