UP Parasleeve2


The new parasleeve is designed so that it may be used with ALL UP wings, and allows you to fold the “cigar” in several different ways once the bag is zipped closed. If you like to separate the wing from the harness when packing there’s an integrated riser compartment in there for you, and if you don’t well rest assured that the zipper is bidirectional so that you can let the lines out at the bottom. We’re making it in three different sizes to accomodate all wing sizes, and we’re happy to say that the M size weighs only 460g. There are large mesh panels to allow your wing to breathe while stored.

The new Parasleeve will be included with Summit XC3’s and Trango XC3’s from early summer 2016, and can be ordered as an accessory for all other wings at the same time.

Parasleeve2 S M L
Ascent3 XS S, M, L
Makalu light 18 20, 22 24
Makalu4 S, SM M, L
Kibo S SM, M L
Lhotse S M, L
SummitXC3 XS, S M. L
TrangoXC3 S, SM, M L
K2-3 SM, ML

Flymaster Deltapocket

In order to answer the request of our hang-glider pilots we have developed a new Pocket for all our instrument range. This new pocket is compatible with all mounting brackets which use a standard M4 screw. One such example is the Flytec universal mounting bracket(not included) for Delta.

UP Hip Bag


Modern classic, a bag made of the best materials. With many clever little details.

UP Stuffsack


For fast packing or for protecting the wing on sun drenched launches.

UP Backpack


Harnesses keep growing, and the demands to the glider bags as well. We have responded to this development and made an entirely new bag that will accomodate all your kit AND be great to carry. Available in Small, Medium and Large, for everything from alpine to tandem use.

AUSTRIALPIN Stainless Steel Carabiner (26kN)

AustriAlpin is one of the world’s leading para-sport safety hardware manufacturers.  We are also the Inventors of the famous Powerfly / Parafly design used everywhere in the paragliding industry.


KORTEL Pin Lock Carabiner

Loading capacity

Breaking load 2500 kg by a weight of 80 g. That means a weight saving of 100–120g on the harness compared to one with steel karabiners.

Average value of fatigue endurance proven with 425 Kg. Paragliding karabiners in use are loaded and unloaded varyingly – depending on pilot weight thermal and way of flying this load can lie between 10 and 110 kg and more.

For conventional karabiners in the area of gate play average values of fatigue endurance of only 45-90 kg were ascertained. To be able to exclude brakages due to material fatigue, the points of actuation by gravity of the karabiners currently in use have to be proved. But until now, the karabiner manufactuers had not been up to that.

Replacement range: We guarantee a service life for the Pin Lock of 8–10 years as long as the karabiner is not used in aggressive environments like salt water or sea air.


The attachment of the Pin Lock to the paraglider risers is similar to conventional karabiners.
The quickpin is self locking.
There are two safety steps preventing unintentional opening: The pressing of the release button and the pulling of the pin in the opposite direction.

The separating of the risers after landing is simpler with the Pin Lock.
In order to assure that the risers are attached properly during strong wind conditions the harness should be kept connected with the paraglider whilst putting on the leg straps.
This applies for conventional karabiners as well as for Pin Lock karabiners.

By paying attention to the instruction manual, problems with freezing up can be avoided even severe winter conditions.


The Pin Lock has separate harness chambers. Transverse loading is thus avoided.
The quickpin is integrated in the karabiner in such a way as to eliminate the possibility of paraglider lines becoming caught up.

KORTEL Ajustable 3 stage accelerator bar

Kortel Design has developed this 3 stage adjustable accelerator bar for competition pilots.
Weight: 90g
Thanks to the adjustable flexible bars, pilots are able to finely tune the required speed range according their leg length, allowing more relaxed flights at speed.
The 3 stage accelerator bar is supplied with ample cord to attach the accelerator bar to risers without the use of split connector links/brummel hooks, as such links often limit the amount of accelerator travel available. See diagram below!
Fitting: It is necessary to remove all exisiting accelerator cord from the risers replacing it with the new cord that will in turn give continuous and uninterrupted travel of the 3 stage accelerator bar.
This accelarator was designed to be used with a pod. And that’s with one foot. When using a pod, one leg remains in a straight position to maintain the shape of the pod, whilst the other operates the accelarator. This is why a soft accelarator is used and not a rigid bar. It is difficult to correctly place the foot on a rigid bar, whereas with a soft one the foot will always be automatically centered.

UP Speed System (3 Step) ALU


If you fly your performance wing using a traditional open harness you may need this speed bar to get the full travel out of the speed system. Does for the open harness what the 3-step soft bar does for the pod harnesses.

UP Speed System (3 Step) SOFT


Three steps accelerator for more speed. Easily reachable. Made of a durable and lightweight steel wire and aluminium combination.
Performance wings with longer speed system travel may need a little extra reach in order to allow the pilot use of the full speed range – the 3-step speed bar is made for that! It is particularly suited for use inside pod harnesses, and has a small loop at the bottom for a bungy cord to connect it to the foot plate inside the pod.

SUP’AIR Cockpit

Will accept and secure in place a few flight instruments for an unobstructed data reading.

Instrument Cockpit/Ballast.

Gear / comfort 

  • Quick and easy connection to the harness with straps and quick release metal buckles.
  • Chest strap sewn-in loop to keep the instrument / cockpit in place.
  • Stiff compartment with padded protective top instrument cover.
  • Rigid support with velour velcro side + safety lanyard.
  • 2 Ballast container compression straps to reduce its overall volume.
  • 9 lt. storage or ballast pocket.
  • Small zipping internal pocket (for keys and documents).
  • 3 stretchable front pockets.

UP Wind Sock


The UP Wind Sock makes launch look very UP, and is visible from a long way off. We have two sizes, one is 120cm long and the other is 260cm long. Both sizes are available in black/yellow or red/white.