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The advanced design of this emergency parachute has allowed it to achieve an extremely fast opening time, combined with a smooth and stable descent and a very slow descent speed, which are the most important features of these systems.

We are extremely proud of our achievement in bringing to pilots one of the very best products now available on the market!

size 31 35 48 tandem
area (m2) 31 35 48
sink rate (m/s) 4.4 4.4 4.7
gores 16 18 20
central line (m) 5.85 5.85 6.50
bridle 0.40 0.40 1.20
max. total weight (kg) 105 120 220
weight of sytem (kg) 1.8 2.0 3.5
certification AFNOR AFNOR AFNOR


canopy fabric: F111 ripstop nylon or equal material
reinforcements: 15 mm polyamide bridle
suspension lines: 3 mm nylon cord – 4 mm nylon cord
apex lines: 3 mm nylon cord – 4 mm nylon cord
central ine: 6 mm nylon cord – 8 mm nylon cord
bridle: 25 mm high resistance polyamide


The Windsos is AFNOR certified.

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